Alkaline drinking water

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  • advanced water programming motherboard unit
  • two digital controllers buttons
  • two color changing LED lights guide when water will be dispensing
  • two dispensing waters stations: Side A and Side B
  • buttons: 1 Gal, 2 Gal, 3 Gal, and 5 Gal
  • easy buttons touch function one press 1 Gal button
  • will dispensing 1 Gal water
  • buttons functions: Start, Stop and Resume
  • stainless steel body
  • built in 6 stages of filtration:
  1. water softener
  2. alkaline water processing
  3. carbon block filtration
  4. PH controller
  5. Ultraviolet sterilizer
  6. Digital controller



  • Height: 70’’
  • Width: 18’’
  • Length: 30’’




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